The Year-Round Barbeque

The BBQ has fast become the staple cooking device for the Canadian social summer calendar. The summer party is simply not complete without the background sizzle and sweet smell of a BBQ. We believe that this summer culinary mainstay, however, should not be limited to Summer alone.

Our passion for food has led us to develop a range of freshly prepared meals ready to place on the BBQ. Using our chef's experience, we use a range of complimentary, freshly-picked and prepared herbs and sauces to marinade our meat and fish. The end result: a true sensory delight.

Just sit back, take a long, slow, cold drink and enjoy the multitude of differing aromas and flavors of our BBQ food.

Costs: We charge $45 per head, which includes canapés, a selection of meat poultry and seafood, salads, roasted vegi and freshly baked bread. We have a minimum booking of 30 people. The above price includes the meal, shopping, food preparation and kitchen clean-up. Price excludes tax, rental, labor and gratuity costs.

Call for us for a no obligation quote!

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