The Cocktail Party

What sets our cocktail parties apart from the rest, is the quality, flavors and originality of our appetizers, you will never see tomato and bocconcini on a stick at our parties. We especially love catering for these type of parties as it allows us to be at our creative best and come up unique delicious flavor combinations with only the best of seasonal ingredients.

Here is an example of one of our appetizer menus:

  • Dungeness crab cakes with white gazpacho, chive oil and chili oil
  • Vietnamese pork and eggplant ragout with an aromatic lentil pilaf served in mini takeout boxes with chopsticks
  • Roasted beets served with avocado cream, grapefruit segments and a hazelnut crumble
  • Seared scallop with a roasted cauliflower puree and  warm chorizo dressing
  • Seared scallop with a cashew nut chutney and fresh mint • Butternut green curry filo cups with Thai basil
  • Crispy slow roasted glazed pork belly with a spicy peanut relish and pine apple pickled jicama
  • Fresh tuna with coconut cilantro yam mash, soy ginger dressing
  • Celeriac arincini with a smoked sablefish cream and caviar
  • Sweet Thai pork with crispy pork skin, mango and chili
  • Zifandel braised beef short rib mini pies with a green peppercorn sauce and a roasted butternut thyme puree
  • Soy ginger cured red spring salmon with a chili lime fraiche dressing, Asian pear and Thai basil
  • Tomato basil bruschetta with tapenade and prosciutto
  • Sticky toffee pudding with a bourbon toffee sauce and whipped cream
  • Dark chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis

Costs: We charge $35 per person. We have a minimum booking of 35 people. The above price includes the meal, shopping, food preparation and kitchen clean up. It excludes tax, rental, labour and gratuity costs.

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